3 Questions to Ask Your Fire Safety Company

fire safety company

If you’re looking to hire a fire safety company for any manner of inspections, repairs, upgrades or otherwise, it’s crucial to work with the right one. Have a read of the three key questions we’d advise you to ask to determine exactly that. Do you conduct fire surveys, assessments or both? There’s a big difference […]

The Ins & Outs of Fire Door Surveys

fire door survey

So, you’re a landlord or property owner and you need your fire doors retested for certification. Even involving 3rd party UKAS accredited experts like us, fire door surveys aren’t what many would call a quick fix, with their many moving parts – no pun intended. Fire door surveys actually involve taking a detailed look at […]

How Fire Spreads – And What We Can Do to Stop It

how fire spreads

In our last blog, we talked about how smoke spreads and ways in which we can slow it down. But, as the adage goes, there’s no smoke without fire – so this week, we thought we’d cover exactly that: how fire spreads. Like smoke, fire is a chemical process which we can watch happening. There […]

How Smoke Spreads – and How to Slow it Down

how smoke spreads

Crazy fact: up to 80% of fire-related deaths come about as a direct result of smoke inhalation. That number is way too high. Here at Excel Fire, we are constantly trying to understand and educate ourselves more about how smoke spreads, and what protocols we can put in place to help stop it doing so. […]

3 Things to Include in your Fire Safety Plan

fire safety plan

When it comes to fire safety, as a landlord, business owner or property manager of any description, legislation is the name of the game. Having a fail-safe fire safety plan in place is the first step in understanding fire risks, moreover how to mitigate and deal with them; putting down on paper what your employees […]

UKAS 3rd Party Accredited – What Does It Really Mean?

UKAS 3rd party accredited

Well, it’s been as busy a week as ever here at Excel Fire; like many others, we’re feeling the initial strain of adapting to the various protocols which come with being back at work in the wake of Covid-19. With that said, it’s amazing to be doing what we love once more – providing exceptional […]

Fire Safety for Landlords – What Do You Need to Know?

fire safety for landlords

As the person in charge or responsible for the safety of one or more residents, it’s sometimes difficult to know where your responsibility ends and your tenant’s begins. Fire legislation is constantly changing here in the UK, leaving many people unsure as to whether their properties are still compliant; enter Excel Fire, bringing you some […]

Fire Door or Fire Exit – What’s the Difference?

fire door

In last week’s blog we made a brief mention of a question we get asked regularly: fire door or fire exit, what’s the difference? It seems like a simple question, however the technical terms do often get mixed up given that they’re both commonly referred to as ‘fire doors’. It can become confusing, especially as […]

4 Fire Safety Tips for Summer

fire safety tips

We all talk about spring cleaning – but what about summer safety? Not that it feels much like summer yet here in London; still, when the temperature starts rising, so can the likelihood of a domestic fire breaking out. As such, we thought we’d put together our top 4 fire safety tips for summer – […]